The Law of Attraction, the Law of the Universe, states that your thoughts and focus will determine what you attract into your life.

What if you could make more money by gambling? Will the law work for you? Yes! As long as your mind is in the right place, you can do it!

This is because I’ve been studying Law of Attraction for over 20 years and enjoyed gambling at about the same time. I can assure you that my learning and studying have increased winnings and more jackpots.

This article will be primarily focused on winning Video Poker games at casinos. However, I’m sure many tips will help you beat other games.

These simple tips will help you achieve vibrational alignment and win.

1. Do not gamble with money you can’t afford to lose.

This may sound like standard “moral” advice, but it is essential from a Law of Attraction perspective. It is a fact that if you play with rent or bill money, you are playing with guilt or scared money. You will feel less confident if you are playing with scared money.

Start a JACKPOT JAR if money is tight. It would be best to write Jackpot Jar on the JACKPOT JAR. You will be affirming yourself every time you see it. You will eventually believe that it is what it is. You can put some money into it each week. It doesn’t matter how small your money is, whether it’s $2, $5, or 10. You can keep putting a little aside until the amount you want to bring to the casino is reached. Then, you might be able to cash in that penny or change the jar in your bedroom, even if it is empty.

It is essential to travel with no guilt or fear. It will make you feel better knowing that you don’t have to win it or lose it.

2. Visualize winning before you go

My father was one of the most successful Video Poker players I’ve ever seen. He hit a lot of big jackpots when he did. I can recall a $13,000 jackpot, several $8,000 jackpots, and many $4,000- and $1,000-level jackpots.

My father did not believe in the Law of Attraction, but he loved to daydream about Atlantic City and the prizes he would win. His words were something like, “First, I’m going to go to a quarter machine and hit $1,000 there. Then I will take that money to play the dollar machine to hit $4,000 there. After that, I’m going to sit for an hr winning smaller amounts until the big one.” Video Poker is so easy to win.

He didn’t use visualizations to win; he did them because it was enjoyable for him to think about. It didn’t matter the motivation, and I can assure you that it worked!

It reached the point that if he won fewer than three jackpots in a single weekend, it was considered a slow weekend.

He became so skilled at winning that losing was no longer an option. Therefore, he never lost due to the Law of Attraction (what you believe and think is what you get).

So start visualizing winning before you even go. Start small if a “huge Jackpot” seems too fantastic to you. Accept it. First, I’ll win $100 here and then $300 there. Imagine the perfect hands you will receive. Imagine the joy you’d feel if you won. Imagine yourself counting huge bills on your return trip. It will feel amazing. They can do this as many times as you like before you arrive at the casino.

3. You can practice at home

You have probably got internet access if you’re reading this. There are tons of sites that you can use to practice winning online.

Play your favorite online game and feel the thrill of winning. Don’t worry about losing hands during your free play. Just focus on how easy it is to win. You will feel as though you’re playing with real money. As you win one winning hand after the other, you will feel the excitement and confidence growing.

These are some more tips to help you prepare for your trip.

4. Pay Attention to Your Words

Negative thoughts can hinder you from winning, but those spoken out loud can be ten times stronger. Avoid falling for the “casino talk,” which is so common among players. Take this example:

  • What are your limits?
  • What amount of money are you left?
  • Everyone seems to be missing today (or vice versa).
  • Everyone seems to be hitting today, except me.
  • This place is not lucky to me.
  • I cannot get any play.
  • I don’t know how to do it.
  • This place is a horrible one.
  • This place is a sham!

Remember that the Universe follows your lead. These thoughts and feelings are what the Universe will respond to by bringing more of them to you.

You can make more positive statements like:

  • My winning machine is calling me right now. I need to listen.
  • My jackpot is waiting here for me, and I’m going to find it.
  • I will be able to see the suitable machine right away.
  • It’s always a pleasure to come here.

5. It is possible to enjoy the game while you are playing. It truly

It would be best to stop focusing on how many chips are left or how much credit is going in and out. Instead, let your attention be drawn back to the fun of the game.

In Video Poker, there have been numerous occasions when I went into “auto mode.” Because I’ve been playing this game for so long, holding certain cards when they are dealt with is difficult. My attention is now free to concentrate on the number of credits in the machine. If the amount goes down, my vibration goes along with it.

Since then, I have learned to focus on the fun of playing the game. Now, I slow down my auto-response. Sometimes I pretend to be a beginner to the game. I can get excited about as small as two 2’s and wonder how cool it would feel to draw more. Yeah! I don’t need to wait for the “big” hands to get excited. I enjoy the game. I vibrate positively more when I’m enjoying the game. Positive vibrations lead to positive emotions and more things that I can be happy about.

Slow down. Keep in mind why you’re there. You will have fun if you put your efforts into having fun.

6. Change up your game

Ever wonder why “beginners luck,” which is so common, happens so often? This is because someone who does not know how to play a game can’t have negative thoughts or resistance.

A novice player might not know the difference. An experienced video poker player may tell nine out of ten times that the Royal Flush 5th card will not appear. A novice player may not believe it will happen, but an experienced player might. This is because it is often difficult.

You don’t have to be a pro at your favorite game if you feel like you aren’t having much luck. Try a new game. I cannot count the number of times I won money without knowing what I did or how I got it. It’s so much fun! Then, I take the winnings and return to my regular game with a new winning vibration.

7. Take a Good Luck Charm Treasure, Hunt

Does good luck charm work? This is the Law of Attraction, so they should work if you believe they will.

Is it necessary to have a certain charm? Not at all. My mother and I have been going together to Atlantic City for years. When things are slow, one of our favorite things to do is go on a Good Luck Charm Treasure Hunt.

The casinos place small white cards inside the coin slot that reads “Congratulations!” when someone wins a machine lottery. As the person wins, you are a winner. People often leave these behind. I love finding them and using them as my lucky charm. They already have winning associations. We look for luck if they don’t bring us any luck after trying them 4 to 5 times.

Sometimes, it’s just a swizzle stick lying around. It can be a swizzle stick or a swizzle stick. I’ll grab it and declare, “This is it!” It is the one! Place it gently on my machine. It was more fun to develop bizarre charms that we could experiment with.

We once drew a Kilroy-like figure on a piece of paper. You know that guy with the big nose, hands, and looking up at the wall? We placed him on top of the machine and had lots of fun. Before hitting the play button, we would rub his little bald head. Then, if he refused to give me a second hand, my mom would make him turn over and face the wall. We had such a great time and shared so many laughs that we did very well that day.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it was Kilroy who won us the game. But we had so much fun playing with him that our vibration was so high that the Universe responded in kind, matching our beat with lots and lots of winning hands. It all comes down to the vibration that you send out. They can achieve more abundance through positive feelings.

8. If you can’t change your negative vibe, walk away

You can lose your attitude no matter how hard you try. This is a sign that you need to get some mental distraction. It’s a well-known saying, “No sense throwing away good money after the bad.”

Negative thinking will only lead to more problems (i.e., losing). It is time to get away and try other things. You may stay in a hotel room if you have the opportunity. Rent a $10.00 comedy to watch on TV (believe me, you’d lose a lot more if you played negatively for 2 hours on the casino floor). This will lighten your mood.

Go window shopping at the Casino Mall, or listen to the live band in the lounge. You can also take a stroll on the boardwalk and strip. Grab a delicious snack or meal that you wouldn’t normally eat at home. You can raise your vibration and feel more positive. Then, you can go back to play. It all comes down to beat.

9. Put Your Emotion Into Your Winning Hands – Not Your Losing Ones

Let’s suppose you have four cards in a winning hand, and you don’t pull the last card. What is your first reaction? Are you hopeful that the cards will finally align for you and that a winning hand will soon be on the way? Or are you disappointed or angry that it has not come along yet, and you find yourself fuming for the next twenty minutes?

Your vibrational reaction is what makes the difference. What will you get if you only focus on the hands that didn’t win? There will be more non-winning hands. Guess what you’ll get if you let your emotions go into the excitement of winning hands, regardless of how small—more winning hands.

You can learn to shift your focus to put more happiness into winning hands. This final tip will help you win more with the Law of Attraction.

10. Gratefulness

For me, constant gratitude while playing is what helps me win. If I win five coins or less, I will thank the Universe for all of it. As I said, I deliberately get more excited about wins and feel less emotion when I lose. I make an effort to appreciate everything around me. The air-conditioned casino is a blessing in my life. The sounds and lights that surround me. The free drinks. The excitement of seeing people win at the craps tables. It lifts my spirits and makes it possible to share in the excitement. I enjoy being with the people I go to the casino with, the food at restaurants, and the clean hotel rooms.

Remember that the main reason you came was to have fun. Make it your priority, and the Universe will make it fun for you.

Happy creating!